Choosing From The Many Online Label Vendors Might Not Be Your Best Option
Choosing From The Many Online Label Vendors Might Not Be Your Best Option

Choosing From The Many Online Label Vendors Might Not Be Your Best Option

As a craft beer brewer, you have so many options to quickly and easily order custom beer bottle labels online from big national printing companies that it can make you dizzy, as if you drank too much of your own product. Over-indulgence is rarely the best way to do anything – and choosing from so many faceless virtual beer label vendors is no different.

Yes, after spending many hours sifting through all of those online offers, you may save a couple of pennies, but that time-consuming effort will cost you immediately, because your time is valuable, and in the long run, because you probably will end up with an inferior label that does not serve the best interest of your customers or your brand.

Reasons to Shop Locally for Custom Beer Labels

There are many logical and gastronomic reasons to drink a locally produced craft beer rather than a mass-produced beer, from the quality of the recipe to the freshness of the ingredients to supporting your local economy. Likewise, many reasons exist for having your custom beer label created close to home by a smaller specialty printer. A few of those reasons are:

  • When you purchase a custom beer label from an virtual vendor, they are most likely more interested in making the sale and moving on to the next one rather than in creating the best possible label to elevate your brand and your sales. They will probably refer to their inventory of existing generic labels and slightly modify one rather than starting with a clean slate and no preconceived ideas.
  • The business model of large online printing vendors is all about making the most amount of money by doing the least amount of work. Their employees are generally entry-level and they do not specialize in labels for craft beer, so you will probably receive a label that is an out-of-the-box shape and size and is not highly creative.
  • Your label will have no customization, so it will basically look like many other beer labels, without that special something that communicates the true qualities and pleasure of your unique and delicious product.
  • Your virtual customer service rep will not have first-hand knowledge about your company, your process or the painstaking effort that went into brewing your craft beer. It is also likely your rep will have never worked for a anyone in your industry and therefore won’t have any appreciation for what it is you do or what you are trying accomplish.
  • An online vendor will have no interest in your bottom line, so they will have no incentive to consider or present new ideas about how to save money and bring greater value to your label or your brand.

A Better Solution for a Better Beer Label

To obtain the absolute top-quality results you want and need for your label design project, you should seriously consider partnering with a specialty printing company that offers better options and better custom beer labels. When you choose a local printer that specializes in labels and has experience designing them for the craft beer industry, you will have many more resources at your disposal, such as:

  • An account manager who shares your concerns and has experience overseeing similar projects – and who is readily available to take care of all of your needs with timelness and your bottom line in mind.
  • The value engineering capabilities that are an inherent part of the people, equipment and facilities of a focused specialty print shop.
  • The additional services available from a specialized full-service local vendor, from inventory management to just-in-time delivery to superior design capabilities.
  • Custom solutions that are based on what is the best way to maximize the quality of the end product while minimizing your cost. A local printer will go the extra mile on your behalf, whereas an online vendor is likely to not even cover the first mile sufficiently.

A Label Worthy of All You’ve Invested

If you want to create the best possible custom label for the craft beer you have given your blood, sweat and tears to create, you will probably be much better off finding a printing partner that offers a more personal relationship and a history of experience and excellence within your industry.

To learn more about how Matrix Label Systems can help you create an awesome custom label that is truly worthy of your craft beer, just contact us to begin the conversation.