Ever been to a trade show? How many of the promotional giveaway items you’ve received there actually had value – or at least made a positive impression? Not many or none, right?

You’ve probably left a trade show or two (or dozens) with a bag full of promotional giveaways that ended up stashed away somewhere or in the trash bin. Promo giveaways that end up out of sight and out of mind can be an expensive and ineffective way to market your business. Think of all of the people at trade shows who grab your promo giveaway but never stop to have a conversation.

So, what is a better and less expensive way to make a positive impression at a trade show or corporate event? Give a bottle of water with a custom water bottle label to thirsty prospects. That is a great, inexpensive way to market your business that many people don’t think about.

Instead of dropping your promo giveaway item into their bag and walking past your booth, thirsty trade show attendees will stop and drink the water – and be very thankful for it. They will see your logo and take a moment to look at your display. You then have a great opportunity to start a conversation with a prospect who is appreciative of your timely and thoughtful gift.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to giveaway water instead of a traditional promotional item?”

Reason #1: Custom Water Bottle Labels are InexpensiveMatrix-Water-Bottle

Rolls of 4-color water bottle labels can be printed for pennies a piece. Water bottles can be purchased in bulk at a local Costco, Sam’s Club, or supermarket for just a few dollars per case, so you don’t need to invest a lot money – or pack and transport them a long distance. Then, simply peel the labels off the roll and place them on the water bottles right over the the current label. That’s a cost-effective way to get your logo in front of people and to start conversations.

Reason #2: Custom Water Bottle Labels are Easy to Produce

All you need to create a branded custom water bottle label is your logo file. Just contact an experienced label printing company – like Matrix Labels – and they can handle it from there, including the design. Or you can download our water bottle label template here and design it yourself. Then send it to us!

Reason #3: Everybody Loves Drinking Water

Trade show attendees walking aisle after aisle become thirsty, so you won’t get turned down when you kindly offer them a free bottle of water. They will appreciatively accept a thirst-quenching bottle of water from you. If you also offer them a chair to to rest their tired feet, you will make a friend for life – and maybe a lifetime customer too. Making a great impression at a trade show couldn’t be any easier! Or less expensive!

Custom Labels Effectively Market Your Brand

Check out samples of cost-effective custom labels we’ve created in our Project Portfolio

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