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You demand high quality custom labels and tags. We provide fast turn-around for 100,000 labels or millions. Our equipment and knowledge base always deliver the same high-quality results.

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Increase your quality through a better product. Matrix Label has a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that will find an innovative solution tailored for your specific application.

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OUR VISION: Our commitment is to empower our customers by nurturing an enthusiastic, innovative environment that continually brings forth the best in our associates. For more than 30 years we have worked diligently to ensure products and a standard of service unparalleled in the labeling, tag and ink technology industries. This unwavering focus has enabled us to thoroughly understand and anticipate our customer’s needs, providing a consistent level of progressive solutions to the ongoing challenges faced by print distributors and independent equipment dealers.


At Matrix Label we believe in going beyond just making good looking products.

We believe in innovation. We believe in a focus on the application, the quality, and the service behind that product. It is this focus that will lead to a great product and your success.

We can provide you with the expertise, the knowledge and the focus to meet your needs and turn your ideas into that great product that exceeds your expectations.

Regardless of the type of label or continuous tag that you’re looking for, we can provide you with a product that has been both specifically designed and manufactured to meet the exact specifications of the application.

Custom Label & Tag Solutions

We’ve been providing innovative solutions for more than 30 years. The knowledge and experience we have gained during this time is translated into the quality products and solutions that we deliver to you.



Our Direct Thermal Labels are manufactured from only high quality paper stock and have been thoroughly tested to withstand the heat applied during direct thermal printing. Unlike thermal transfer, direct thermal printing does not rely on ribbons to print an image. Direct thermal labels have a heat-sensitive property in the material that turns to black when it reaches a certain temperature.

We offer multiple types, sizes, and roll quantities in our direct thermal labels. Whether you’re looking for shipping labels that contain an audit tab or a continuous roll we can provide you with a solution that will meet your needs.

Direct Thermal Product Catalog (PDF)


Thermal Transfer Labels

Our thermal transfer labels are manufactured from only high quality paper stock and have been thoroughly tested to insure reliable printability. Unlike direct thermal label printing where heat is applied directly to the label stock, thermal transfer printing requires the use of a ribbon to create the image.

We offer thermal transfer labels in a variety of sizes and roll quantities to meet the needs of today’s thermal transfer printers.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

One of the best ways to extend the life of your printing equipment has always been to operate at lower print head temperatures, which meant reducing your print speed.

Our Thermal Transfer Ribbons have been designed and produced to withstand the rigors of today’s high speed printing applications. Through the addition of anti-static, anti-stick back coating you can now print faster without the fear of print head failure. The problem in the past with high speed printing was the high temperatures reached in the print heads. This problem has been solved through the development of these high-sensitivity inked ribbons.s.

Thermal Transfer Product Catalog (PDF)


Our Postal Sealing Tabs or Wafer Seals are manufactured from only the highest quality paper stocks and films. They have been designed and developed to meet or exceed all U.S.P.S. postal compliance requirements for adhesion and tensile strength. This includes surfaces rated “a through h” and tensile requirements “type I and II”. Our tabs are manufactured to provide high initial quick stick to a wide range of surfaces including coated papers, and include either 40lb. or 50lb. backing sheets that have been custom treated to withstand the high speed dispensing applications of today’s advanced tabbing machines.

Translucent and Ultra Translucent Paper Tabs

Translucent Paper Tabs have become very popular lately due to the recent changes in postal regulations and the overall cost savings they offer over clear tabs.

Translucent tabs are not as transparent as clear tabs, but they are not opaque or as noticeable as a white paper tab. They provide users an alternative option that is right between clear and white.

Matrix Label offers translucent tabs in a variety of sizes ranging from 1” to 1 1/2″ and in many different roll quantity combinations to accommodate every tabbing machine currently available.

White Paper Tabs

White Paper Tabs are the least expensive type of mailing tabs currently available. They are most commonly used on white mail pieces or when the need to blend in is not critical.

Matrix Label offers white paper tabs in a variety of sizes ranging from 31/32” to 1 1/2″ and in many different roll quantity combinations to accommodate every tabbing machine currently available.

Postal Sealing Tabs Product Catalog (PDF)


Our Laser Label sheets are manufactured from only high quality paper stock. Our products have been thoroughly tested to provide superior toner anchorage for crisp, no-smudge text and have the ability to withstand the heat applied to them during the laser printing process. Whatever your need may be, our laser labels have been specifically designed to be used in any laser printer.

Laser Labels Product Catalog (PDF)


Data processing labels are designed for use on all pin fed tabulating and data processing equipment. Our fan folded data processing labels feature a smudge-proof white face stock with a quick release backing. Machinable labels are exactly that. They are designed to be machine applied. Our fan folded machinable labels feature a smudge-proof white face stock with a quick release backing.

Data-Processing & Machinable Product Catalog (PDF)


At Matrix Label we offer a full range of compatible solutions for your postage meter needs.

Whether you’re looking for Meter Tapes or Sealing Solution we are your source for the highest quality products available.

We provide compatible solutions for every major OEM manufacturer including Quadient®, Francotyp-Postalia®, and Pitney Bowes®. If we don’t currently offer a product that you’re looking for let us know about it and we will work with you to provide a solution.

At Matrix Label we are always continuing to expand our product offerings for the ever changing postal industry.

Meter Tapes

Our Postage Meter Tapes are produced with a smudge resistant open face stock which allows for excellent ink absorption to eliminate smearing. An ultra permanent adhesive allows for the paper to adhere to a wider range of surfaces. Also, our lay flat machine grade backing sheet prevents curling for consistent feeding through postal machines. All of our meter tapes comply with Federal Postal Specifications & Mail Manual Regulation 144.444.

Sealing Solution

Our Super-Seal Concentrate was designed to be the most cost effective sealing solution available to solve your sealing problems. Whether you’re doing high speed inserting, envelope sealing, stamp affixing, or package tape dispensing our concentrated sealing solution will seal tight every time.

Postage Meter Supplies Product Catalog (PDF)


Our Postal Tags are manufactured from a bright white or pink, durable tag stock designed to provide crisp, no-smudge text and withstand the abuse associated with handling and mailing. Our tags provide consistent perforations for easy separation and are specifically designed to meet or exceed all postal regulations.

We offer postal tags in a variety of types and sizes to meet the needs of today’s postal environment, including BCC®, Laser, and Whittier®. If we do not currently offer a size or type of tag that you have been searching for let us know about it and we will work with you to provide a solution.

Postal Tags Product Catalog (PDF)