Custom Label & Tag Solutions

Custom Label Printing Companies Provide More Than Just Great LabelsMuch like custom labels themselves, no two custom label printing companies are alike. The key to having success with your label printing is to find the company that best suits your needs.

Here are some characteristics you should consider when choosing your label printing company:

Do they value engineer?

The key to being most cost effective with your label printing is choosing a printing partner that is looking at the big picture for you. The last thing you want is just an order-taker. Your printer should be looking out for your best interests, which means they should:

  1. Understand the application for the label and what you specifically need to accomplish to consider the project a success.
  2. Recommend the correct paper and appropriate adhesive, so the labels perform exactly as needed at the right price.
  3. Suggest colors, designs and styles for the labels to ensure they properly communicate the intended message to the end-users.

Do they offer one point of contact?

The hardest thing to do with a company is to have to explain yourself to brand new contacts each time you call. The key is to find a company that offers an experienced and available account manager who can help navigate on the inside on your behalf.

Do they offer inventory management?

One great way to save money is to print in large volumes. Often, that’s not possible because you don’t have the room to store cases of labels. That’s why partnering with a printing company who provides inventory management is so helpful. They can:

  • Store the extra labels,
  • Monitor the quantities as they are used,
  • Automatically reprint when you hit a predetermined minimum.

Do they offer multiple ways to reach them?

Sometimes, it’s best to talk by phone during business hours. At other times, you need to send an after-hours message and confidently know it will reach the proper person within the time-frame needed. Make sure the customer service your label printer provides includes a willingness to work and communicate according to your needs.

Success with custom label printing companies isn’t always just about the labels. To learn more about how Matrix Label can meet all of your needs and exceed all of your expectations, contact us.