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The Indiana City story begins with the home brewing obsession of their founder and his dream of taking his award-winning ales to the masses. After a great deal of research and numerous revisions to business plans, Ray Kamstra launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in the summer of 2012. The campaign raised enough money to secure an amazing historic building and begin building Indiana City Brewing Co.

Their brewing process is close to their homebrewing roots. Indiana City beer is brewed 7 barrels at a time utilizing a four-vessel 3.5-barrel Brewhouse, a Cold Liquor Tank, five 7-barrel Fermentation Vessels, two Brite Tanks, a 4-head bottle filler, and an arsenal of stainless steel kegs.

Indiana City beer is made from fresh-cracked malted barley, premium specialty grains, fresh hops and the purest healthy yeast. Great beer starts with great water, so they strip down local water to pure H2O through reverse osmosis and add all of the mineral content needed to make great beer back into it. Many of the ingredients they use – hops, malt, honey and specialty spices come from local sources.

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